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Google wants natural links

A recent Google webmasters thread caught Google stating the obvious, after the Penquin update any SEO professional that didn't know this should be out of a job. However it still seems to be a fact that's eluding many webmasters and SEO's out there.

John Mueller from Google said the following in a Webmasters Help thread:

"I realize encouraging users to make natural links & recommendations is not always easy, depending the market you're in, but those are really what our algorithms are looking for. On the other hand, links that are just bought, sold, traded, or even placed yourself, are not really the kind of recommendation that our algorithms would use when evaluating your site."

The fact is that your links need to be 100% natural to avoid the risk of them hurting you. Although this is the hardest way to gain links it is the only way that will stand the test of time. 

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