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Is it the end of the year already?!!

This year has flown by faster than any I've know before it and as my body slowly recovers from yet another evening of seasonal over-indulgence it occurs to me that Team Blix has done quite a bit this year of which I'm immensely proud.

Although most people wouldn't know it…

You see, as many of those who know us will confirm, we're quite a quiet bunch at Blix HQ and it rarely occurs to us to shout about what we've done or achieved.  

So, as much as it doesn't come naturally I'm going to review 2013 and who knows, I may even be tempted to shout about it too…

A Magnificent Seven

I don't mind saying it: we've got a great team at Blix, not only are we all properly skilled at what we do but we get along so well that I look forward to coming to work each day; I'm extremely grateful for that.

The team continues to grow and with the addition of Jamie to our Online Marketing division and Nicky as Operations Manager we now have a full time team of seven that along with some amazing strategic partners have enabled us to continue to expand our client base and services offering in the Channel Islands, UK and USA. 

Nurturing Guernsey's Creative People

I've been working as part of the Creative Industries Guernsey (CIG) Committee.  I'm genuinely proud of the work this great group of people are doing and I'm pleased that we're really starting to see increased recognition of the importance of the Creative Industries to Guernsey's economy.

CIG has been involved in a few initiatives already this year including the first Creative Industries Symposium which this year was titled Learn / Create / Produce and featured some fascinating keynote speakers.  More importantly for me though was seeing a wide selection of the islands' creative businesses all in one room and I really hope that events such as these help to promote more collaboration within our industry.  I believe it would yield some impressive results.

Blix is also involved with the Creative Academy, a unique apprenticeship scheme created by CIG that is designed to help nurture creative talent locally.  We currently have Sarah Snell, a student on the scheme working with us, who is already doing some great work.

Good form, Home & Away

In addition to our existing clients, we've welcomed a number of well-regarded local businesses this year including Source Recruitment, Kemp Le Tissier, Watts and Co, Asset Risk Consultants, Visit Guernsey, StartUp Guernsey and OSA Recruitment to name just a few.

2013 has also seen our US client portfolio continue to expand significantly with a number of key new clients including FMC Corporation, a multi-billion dollar global chemical company and Main Line Health, a major east-coast health provider network. 

With a number of additional US based businesses currently in negotiation with Blix to provide online marketing strategy and associated digital services we're continuing to prove that Guernsey can punch well above its weight and export creative and technical services into extremely competitive global markets.

Ripened Phroot

We were a core part of the team behind the creation of a leading edge, cloud based UK Payroll platform called Phroot.  Blix provided 2 of the 3 founding partners, incubation space, the technical, design and user interface builds, during several years of extremely hard work. Phroot went live in April 2013 - immediately making waves in a market not traditionally renowned for attractive and easy-to-use applications - providing one of the first, fully web-based automated integrations with HMRC's new RTI reporting gateways.

In July 2013 Phroot was acquired by IRIS, one of the UK's leading business software companies, and is now known as IRIS OpenPayroll.  We're extremely proud of what we've achieved and we look forward to seeing where IRIS, with their market leading knowledge of the UK Payroll space, take it.

It was an exciting ride being involved with such an ambitious start-up and it pushed our team's knowledge of delivering Software as a Service (Saas) further than we could have imagined.

What's next? 

I believe that there's never been a more exciting time to be working in the online space; it's evolving quicker and is more important to business success than ever before.

We've been planning for 2014 for a while now and are looking forward to continuing to craft lovely online experiences and successful marketing strategies; we're also looking forward to releasing some new products and services throughout the course of the next 12 months.

We're pleased that we'll be running a Code Club at Vale Primary School in 2014, it's a great concept that's already being run successfully at Amherst and something we believe should be rolled out in more island schools. 

Seasons Greetings

All that's left is for me, on behalf of Team Blix,  to wish our clients, strategic partners, friends and families a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and rewarding 2014. 

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