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My week working with the Web

First impressions

Not really knowing what to expect at Blix, I was nervous when I arrived at a meeting with Dominic two months ago. However, as soon as I was introduced to the office and the small work-force that were guided by Dom and Nigel, I could tell that Blix was very different to the company I did my Management Shadowing at, Offshore Electronics.  Dom gave me the impression at the meeting that there was little hierarchy, which I think was reflected in the layout of the office. With everyone being within a couple of metres of each other, it was easy to ask questions (especially in my case!) and to communicate ideas with the other parts of the team. 

What I wanted from the week

A couple of months before I applied for my placement, I watched a video about coding in schools (or the lack thereof), and decided to pick it up as a small hobby. Coincidently, Dom recommended the same site that I had been using to learn some Web fundamentals, so I knew that I would be able to apply and improve my coding knowledge at Blix. I was also introduced to all the departments at our meeting briefly, such as SEO, which he explained managed companies "web presence", so I was interested to learn about all aspects of the job.

What I got from the week

Considering my target of wanting to learn more about coding, I succeeded by going in with a solid knowledge of HTML and a small amount of CSS, and coming out with a solid knowledge of both HTML and CSS, and a small amount of jQuery and JavaScript. With this knowledge, I could (for the most part) understand why Josh wrote the code he did for the website I was designing for a client throughout the week. I found learning about how much effort has to be put into something as small as a button lighting up when your mouse hovers over it and fading again when you take it off incredibly interesting, and left me wanting more.

Whilst Ben may have been made fun of for running the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) side of things, I found myself drawn to his work for the aspect of looking at behaviour in the market, a module I'm looking forward to in Management at university. I was mainly interested in all of the variables that Ben had to consider when he tried to make a company "stick-out" on the Web (including his own), from the more obvious things like relevance to the search term, to the title and h1 values of your content in your website, to how many other websites link to your website. I had no idea that there were so many things that Google takes into account when deciding on your position on the page. Speaking of which, a few interesting statistics that Ben threw at me were that the #1 result on the page generally takes around 35% of the traffic, and the top 3 combined take 60%.

Hopes for the future

My week at Blix was a real eye-opener into how marketing and advertising works on the Web, and I sincerely hope to become more involved in it at university, or even over the summer. There wasn't one part I didn't enjoy in my whole week here, because I was constantly learning new concepts about the job as a whole, whilst being around a team that was willing to answer any questions I had, as well as providing a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

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