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SEO Case Study - Livingroom0

The beauty of digital marketing is the ease with which its success can be measured; this is how our SEO campaign impacted Livingroom's online visibility.

We began working with Livingroom to increase the visibility of their website using SEO in July 2012. The aim was to drive more new visitors to by targeting unbranded keywords (keywords that are relevant to their business but do not include their name).

We quickly established that the keywords "Guernsey estate agents" and "estate agents in Guernsey" were the most searched-for keyword relating to the real estate industry in Guernsey, and so set these as our primary targets. We also targeted a range of less competitive, long tailed keywords around the local and open market.

The results?

  • From an initial ranking of 10, now ranks at number 1 for "Guernsey estate agents" in
  • From an initial ranking of 14, now ranks at number 1 for "estate agents in Guernsey" in

But it is not all about rankings, these improvements have resulted in a drastic increase in website traffic: 

  • Traffic to is up 50% on the same period last year
  • Unbranded traffic to is up 137% on the same period last year

It is also important not to underestimate the brand awareness and customer trust generated by consistently appearing at number 1 for keywords that, combined, get searched for over 7000 times a month.

So if you are looking are looking for marketing that's targeted, measurable and has a direct impact on your business goals, then pop in for a coffee or give us a call

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Maximising your Online Presence0

Having a website is one thing, having an online presence that effectively reaches and engages new customers is something entirely different.

Often a business adopts an online marketing strategy that is limited to pushing a website online, but what about taking your online presence beyond your website?

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Google continues to clean up search results0

It has been a busy few weeks for Google when it comes to updates, we have had Pandas, Penguins, Exact Match Domain and Page Layout updates since September the 27th.  All these updates have shaken things up in the SEO world and shows Google are continuing their vendetta against spammy sites.

So what do all these updates mean?

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Google wants natural links0

A recent Google webmasters thread caught Google stating the obvious, after the Penquin update any SEO professional that didn't know this should be out of a job. However it still seems to be a fact that's eluding many webmasters and SEO's out there.

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