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Maximising your Online Presence0

Having a website is one thing, having an online presence that effectively reaches and engages new customers is something entirely different.

Often a business adopts an online marketing strategy that is limited to pushing a website online, but what about taking your online presence beyond your website?

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15 Ideas for your Business Blog14

Having a blog on your website is often an essential part of your online marketing strategy. The problem is that many businesses don't know how to use them properly.  An effective business blog will engage your current customers, drive new customers to your site and attract social shares and inbound links.

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Google continues to clean up search results0

It has been a busy few weeks for Google when it comes to updates, we have had Pandas, Penguins, Exact Match Domain and Page Layout updates since September the 27th.  All these updates have shaken things up in the SEO world and shows Google are continuing their vendetta against spammy sites.

So what do all these updates mean?

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Award Winning Web Design0

It's always nice when your work is appreciated. Whether it's a simple "thanks", "you're awesome" or a full-on, feet-off-the-ground bear hug we always like to know that the attention to detail and extra effort we put into our work means as much to our clients as it does to us.

So when we heard that we had won an award for the design of one of our websites it left us with a nice warm feeling inside...

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